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Definition of Repertory


  1. A place in which things are disposed in an orderly manner, so that they can be easily found, as the index of a book, a commonplace book, or the like.
  2. A treasury; a magazine; a storehouse.
  3. Same as Repertoire.

Repertory Quotations

I spent two years in the military service, then I trudged around in repertory for quite a while. I somehow wound up at the National Theatre, though, and then I was definitely on my way.
Anthony Hopkins

I come out of repertory theatre so I've been working under pressure my whole career.
Wesley Snipes

When I was about 6, my cousin was very active in a Filipino repertory company, doing musicals and plays. Her aunt was one of the founders of the company, and she told my mom that there were these auditions for 'The King and I,' and that they needed kids. I auditioned, got in and the love affair started from there and just kept going.
Lea Salonga

I've always been short and stocky. So when I got into repertory theatre after graduation, I found myself doing character roles: because of my deep voice, shape and height, I was playing 40-year-old, 50-year-old roles at the age of 23.
David Suchet

In 1969, I wrote a musical called 'Mother Earth.' It was a rock musical with an ecology theme. We did it at the South Coast Repertory Theatre in Southern California where I was a member. It was a smash hit in this small theater.
Toni Tennille
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Repertory Translations

repertory in German is Schatzkammer, Vorratskammer
repertory in Spanish is repertorio
repertory in Swedish is repertoar
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