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Definition of Rent


  1. That portion of the produce of the earth paid to the landlord for the use of the "original and indestructible powers of the soil;" the excess of the return from a given piece of cultivated land over that from land of equal area at the "margin of cultivation." Called also economic, / Ricardian, rent. Economic rent is due partly to differences of productivity, but chiefly to advantages of location; it is equivalent to ordinary or commercial rent less interest on improvements, and nearly equivalent to ground rent.
  2. Loosely, a return or profit from a differential advantage for production, as in case of income or earnings due to rare natural gifts creating a natural monopoly.
  3. of Rend
  4. To rant.
  5. imp. & p. p. of Rend.
  6. An opening made by rending; a break or breach made by force; a tear.
  7. Figuratively, a schism; a rupture of harmony; a separation; as, a rent in the church.
  8. To tear. See Rend.
  9. Income; revenue. See Catel.
  10. Pay; reward; share; toll.
  11. A certain periodical profit, whether in money, provisions, chattels, or labor, issuing out of lands and tenements in payment for the use; commonly, a certain pecuniary sum agreed upon between a tenant and his landlord, paid at fixed intervals by the lessee to the lessor, for the use of land or its appendages; as, rent for a farm, a house, a park, etc.
  12. To grant the possession and enjoyment of, for a rent; to lease; as, the owwner of an estate or house rents it.
  13. To take and hold under an agreement to pay rent; as, the tennant rents an estate of the owner.
  14. To be leased, or let for rent; as, an estate rents for five hundred dollars a year.
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Rent Translations

rent in Dutch is huur
rent in French is louez, loyer, louons, arrentez, accensons, louent
rent in German is Pacht, pachten, mieten, Miete, Miete, mieten
rent in Italian is noleggiare, affitto, appigionare
rent in Norwegian is leie
rent in Portuguese is aluguel
rent in Spanish is alquiler
rent in Swedish is hyra, arrendeavgift