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Definition of Renewal


  1. The act of renewing, or the state of being renewed; as, the renewal of a treaty.

Renewal Quotations

We don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward. In times of tragedy, of war, of necessity, people do amazing things. The human capacity for survival and renewal is awesome.
Isabel Allende

The quarrels of lovers are the renewal of love.
Jean Racine

Our responsibility is to rally and lead the whole party and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, take up this historic baton and continue working hard for the great renewal of the Chinese nation, so that we will stand rock firm in the family of nations and make fresh and greater contribution to mankind.
Xi Jinping

Liturgy is like a strong tree whose beauty is derived from the continuous renewal of its leaves, but whose strength comes from the old trunk, with solid roots in the ground.
Pope Paul VI

Madness need not be all breakdown. It may also be break-through. It is potential liberation and renewal as well as enslavement and existential death.
R. D. Laing
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Renewal Translations

renewal in French is renouvellement, renouveau, reconduction
renewal in German is Erneuerung
renewal in Italian is allungamento, rinnovamento
renewal in Latin is resurrectio, renovatio
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