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Definition of Renaissance


  1. A new birth, or revival.
  2. The transitional movement in Europe, marked by the revival of classical learning and art in Italy in the 15th century, and the similar revival following in other countries.
  3. The style of art which prevailed at this epoch.

Renaissance Quotations

When I was 17, I worked in a mentoring program in Harlem designed to improve the community. That's when I first gained an appreciation of the Harlem Renaissance, a time when African-Americans rose to prominence in American culture. For the first time, they were taken seriously as artists, musicians, writers, athletes, and as political thinkers.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

In essence the Renaissance was simply the green end of one of civilization's hardest winters.
John Fowles

Every renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.
Anne Sullivan

Rapunzel is a bit more relatable than the other princesses, especially because she doesn't even know that she's a princess until the very end of the movie. I like to think of her as the bohemian Disney princess. She's barefoot and living in a tower. She paints and reads... She's a Renaissance woman.
Mandy Moore

Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.
E. O. Wilson
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Renaissance Translations

renaissance in Spanish is renacimiento
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