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Definition of Reminiscent


  1. Recalling to mind, or capable of recalling to mind; having remembrance; reminding one of something.
  2. One who is addicted to indulging, narrating, or recording reminiscences.

Reminiscent Quotations

The very essence of architecture consists of a variety and development reminiscent of natural organic life. This is the only true style in architecture.
Alvar Aalto

I don't really consider myself an American filmmaker like, say, Ron Howard might be considered an American filmmaker. If I'm doing something and it seems to me to be reminiscent of an Italian giallo, I'm gonna to do it like an Italian giallo.
Quentin Tarantino

Profit is the sole criterion used by the establishment to evaluate economic activity. From the rat race to lame ducks. The vocabulary in vogue is a give-away. It's more reminiscent of a human menagerie than human society.
Jimmy Reid

Everything in Italy that is particularly elegant and grand borders upon insanity and absurdity or at least is reminiscent of childhood.
Alexander Herzen

The only people playing the roles of classic rock stars are hip-hop artists, now. Kanye's stage persona, and the way he approaches making albums, and the way he wants to be better than everyone else? That's reminiscent of Freddie Mercury. That's reminiscent of the Beatles.
Jack Antonoff
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Reminiscent Translations

reminiscent in German is erinnernd, sich erinnernd
reminiscent in Spanish is evocador
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