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Definition of Remedy


  1. That which relieves or cures a disease; any medicine or application which puts an end to disease and restores health; -- with for; as, a remedy for the gout.
  2. That which corrects or counteracts an evil of any kind; a corrective; a counteractive; reparation; cure; -- followed by for or against, formerly by to.
  3. The legal means to recover a right, or to obtain redress for a wrong.
  4. To apply a remedy to; to relieve; to cure; to heal; to repair; to redress; to correct; to counteract.
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Remedy Translations

remedy in Dutch is beter maken, genezen, helen
remedy in Finnish is keino
remedy in German is Heilmittel {n}, Heilmittel, Abhilfe {f}
remedy in Latin is rememdium, obviam ire
remedy in Norwegian is middel
remedy in Spanish is remedio, remediar