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Definition of Relevant


  1. Relieving; lending aid or support.
  2. Bearing upon, or properly applying to, the case in hand; pertinent; applicable.
  3. Sufficient to support the cause.

Relevant Quotations

The United Nations has a critical role to play in promoting stability, security, democracy, human rights, and economic development. The UN is as relevant today as at any time in its history, but it needs reform.
Chuck Hagel

Grades don't measure anything other than your relevant obedience to a manager.
John Taylor Gatto

I can think of no one more relevant and credible in the hip-hop community to build upon Def Jam's fantastic legacy and move the company into its next groundbreaking era.

We can't do a modern Batman continually beating up thugs in zoot suits with tommy guns in violin cases. The game has to move on. It has to feel relevant.
Gary Frank

Any use of chemical weapons, by anyone, under any circumstances, is a grave violation of the 1925 Protocol and other relevant rules of customary international law.
Ban Ki-moon
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Relevant Translations

relevant in Italian is competente
relevant in Spanish is relevante, competente
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