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Definition of Regularly


  1. In a regular manner; in uniform order; methodically; in due order or time.

Regularly Quotations

My closest friend, who died not long ago, is buried near Marx's grave in Highgate cemetery, so I see the gaggle of admirers laying roses at the foot of his tombstone regularly. I have never been tempted to leave flowers there myself. Great theories, shame about the practice. Marx did many things. But inventing class was not one of them.
Alastair Campbell

Sleep is the interest we have to pay on the capital which is called in at death; and the higher the rate of interest and the more regularly it is paid, the further the date of redemption is postponed.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Mindfulness has helped me succeed in almost every dimension of my life. By stopping regularly to look inward and become aware of my mental state, I stay connected to the source of my actions and thoughts and can guide them with considerably more intention.
Dustin Moskovitz

When I was growing up in New Jersey, my mom would regularly take my sister and I into the city to see shows. I have many fond memories of standing in the half-price ticket line in Times Square and going to matinees.
Trey Anastasio

Putting words on paper regularly is part of the necessary discipline of writing. A journal is a great way to do that.
Pearl Cleage
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Regularly Translations

regularly in Afrikaans is dikwels
regularly in Danish is ofte
regularly in Dutch is vaak, dikwijls, gedurig, menigmaal
regularly in Finnish is usein
regularly in French is souvent
regularly in Italian is spesso
regularly in Latin is ordine; ordinem, ordinatim
regularly in Portuguese is regularmente
regularly in Spanish is regularmente
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