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Definition of Register


  1. To enter the name of the owner of (a share of stock, a bond, or other security) in a register, or record book. A registered security is transferable only on the written assignment of the owner of record and on surrender of his bond, stock certificate, or the like.
  2. A written account or entry; an official or formal enumeration, description, or record; a memorial record; a list or roll; a schedule.
  3. A record containing a list and description of the merchant vessels belonging to a port or customs district.
  4. A certificate issued by the collector of customs of a port or district to the owner of a vessel, containing the description of a vessel, its name, ownership, and other material facts. It is kept on board the vessel, to be used as an evidence of nationality or as a muniment of title.
  5. One who registers or records; a registrar; a recorder; especially, a public officer charged with the duty of recording certain transactions or events; as, a register of deeds.
  6. That which registers or records.
  7. A contrivance for automatically noting the performance of a machine or the rapidity of a process.
  8. The part of a telegraphic apparatus which records automatically the message received.
  9. A machine for registering automatically the number of persons passing through a gateway, fares taken, etc.; a telltale.
  10. A lid, stopper, or sliding plate, in a furnace, stove, etc., for regulating the admission of air to the fuel; also, an arrangement containing dampers or shutters, as in the floor or wall of a room or passage, or in a chimney, for admitting or excluding heated air, or for regulating ventilation.
  11. The inner part of the mold in which types are cast.
  12. The correspondence of pages, columns, or lines on the opposite or reverse sides of the sheet.
  13. The correspondence or adjustment of the several impressions in a design which is printed in parts, as in chromolithographic printing, or in the manufacture of paper hangings. See Register, v. i. 2.
  14. The compass of a voice or instrument; a specified portion of the compass of a voice, or a series of vocal tones of a given compass; as, the upper, middle, or lower register; the soprano register; the tenor register.
  15. A stop or set of pipes in an organ.
  16. To enter in a register; to record formally and distinctly, as for future use or service.
  17. To enroll; to enter in a list.
  18. To enroll one's name in a register.
  19. To correspond in relative position; as, two pages, columns, etc. , register when the corresponding parts fall in the same line, or when line falls exactly upon line in reverse pages, or (as in chromatic printing) where the various colors of the design are printed consecutively, and perfect adjustment of parts is necessary.

Register Quotations

From year to year, environmental changes are incremental and often barely register in our lives, but from evolutionary or geological perspectives, what is happening is explosive change.
David Suzuki

The human face is the organic seat of beauty. It is the register of value in development, a record of Experience, whose legitimate office is to perfect the life, a legible language to those who will study it, of the majestic mistress, the soul.
Eliza Farnham

I got involved because I wanted to help inspire more people to get off their butts and register and vote - not just in this election, but in every other election from now on, you know?
Jello Biafra

The first memory I have in the world is of death and tears. That is how I would mark the beginning of my life: the way people mark the end of one. My family had gathered at Papa Joe's house because Mam' Grace was slipping away, only I didn't register it that way. For some reason I thought that it was her birthday.
Charles M. Blow

Life is like a cash register, in that every account, every thought, every deed, like every sale, is registered and recorded.
Fulton J. Sheen
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Register Translations

register in Afrikaans is aanbeveel, registreer, register
register in Danish is anbefale
register in Dutch is aangeven
register in Finnish is suositella, kirjata
register in German is registrieren, Register, Liste, eintragen
register in Italian is registrare, estimo, registrare, abbandonare
register in Norwegian is innskrive
register in Portuguese is registar, registo
register in Spanish is expedir, registro, registrarse, ensalzar, captar
register in Swedish is registrera, inregistrera, mantalsskriven
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