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Definition of Refund


  1. To fund again or anew; to replace (a fund or loan) by a new fund; as, to refund a railroad loan.
  2. To pour back.
  3. To give back; to repay; to restore.
  4. To supply again with funds; to reimburse.

Refund Quotations

While tax refunds amount to substantial income for many Americans, current IRS rules do not allow taxpayers to directly deposit their refund into more than one account.
Jim Cooper

In general, anyone who paid the long distance telephone tax will get the refund on their 2006 federal income tax return. This includes individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.
Virgil Goode
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Refund Translations

refund in French is bonifier, figer
refund in Italian is restituire, abbonare
refund in Spanish is reembolso, integrcr, bonificar
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