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Definition of Reexamine


  1. To examine anew.

Reexamine Quotations

Every story I write adds to me a little, changes me a little, forces me to reexamine an attitude or belief, causes me to research and learn, helps me to understand people and grow.
Octavia E. Butler

We will as soon as possible reexamine our laws and policies and eliminate all obstacles to genuine investment.
Olusegun Obasanjo

My role on television is one of helping people reexamine the assumptions that they hold. I regard Dr. King. You would never hear me get up and speak without in some way, shape or form, referencing, Dr. King.
Tavis Smiley

If I were to ask you for example right now to go back with me and define those moments in your life that shaped you as a person and you began to reexamine them, something would happen.
James Lipton

The birth of the African Union should encourage us to reexamine relations between African States.
Omar Bongo
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