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Definition of Reed


  1. Red.
  2. Same as Rede.
  3. The fourth stomach of a ruminant; rennet.
  4. A name given to many tall and coarse grasses or grasslike plants, and their slender, often jointed, stems, such as the various kinds of bamboo, and especially the common reed of Europe and North America (Phragmites communis).
  5. A musical instrument made of the hollow joint of some plant; a rustic or pastoral pipe.
  6. An arrow, as made of a reed.
  7. Straw prepared for thatching a roof.
  8. A small piece of cane or wood attached to the mouthpiece of certain instruments, and set in vibration by the breath. In the clarinet it is a single fiat reed; in the oboe and bassoon it is double, forming a compressed tube.
  9. One of the thin pieces of metal, the vibration of which produce the tones of a melodeon, accordeon, harmonium, or seraphine; also attached to certain sets or registers of pipes in an organ.
  10. A frame having parallel flat stripe of metal or reed, between which the warp threads pass, set in the swinging lathe or batten of a loom for beating up the weft; a sley. See Batten.
  11. A tube containing the train of powder for igniting the charge in blasting.
  12. Same as Reeding.

Reed Quotations

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind. - Johannes Brahms
Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.
Johannes Brahms

The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.

For drink, there was beer which was very strong when not mingled with water, but was agreeable to those who were used to it. They drank this with a reed, out of the vessel that held the beer, upon which they saw the barley swim.

When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music. Which of you would be a reed, dumb and silent, when all else sings together in unison?
Khalil Gibran

Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed.
Blaise Pascal
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Reed Translations

reed in Dutch is riet
reed in French is roseau
reed in German is Schilf, Reed
reed in Spanish is junco, ca a
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