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Definition of Recruitment


  1. The act or process of recruiting; especially, the enlistment of men for an army.

Recruitment Quotations

The best method for preventing destructive cult involvement is preventative education. If students and the public at large are more aware of destructive groups beforehand they may better understand and resist their recruitment efforts.
Rick Ross

When leaders are no longer beholden to the people who elected them, corruption results and the recruitment of extremists becomes easier.
Iqbal Quadir

Being an occupier is not good for anybody's global standing. It is a catalyst for terrorist recruitment.
Samantha Power

Recruitment and retention are critical to sustain our Armed Forces with the best men and women willing to stand in the gap and make huge sacrifices to ensure our freedom.
Zack Wamp

Also, schools share some responsibility and should offer helpful orientations that include general information about such recruitment efforts on their campuses.
Rick Ross
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Recruitment Translations

recruitment in Swedish is rekrytering
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