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Definition of Reconciled


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Reconciled Quotations

A merely fallen enemy may rise again, but the reconciled one is truly vanquished.
Friedrich Schiller

No one is so completely disenchanted with the world, or knows it so thoroughly, or is so utterly disgusted with it, that when it begins to smile upon him he does not become partially reconciled to it.
Giacomo Leopardi

But foremost, I do not subscribe to the view that Islamic culture and democracy cannot be reconciled.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan

When man becomes reconciled to nature, when space becomes his true background, these words and concepts will have lost their meaning, and we will no longer have to use them.
Michelangelo Antonioni

If you don't want to have to kill or capture every bad guy in the country, you have to reintegrate those who are willing to be reconciled and become part of the solution instead of a continued part of the problem. And then, above all, the resources.
David Petraeus
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