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Definition of Recommend


  1. To commend to the favorable notice of another; to commit to another's care, confidence, or acceptance, with favoring representations; to put in a favorable light before any one; to bestow commendation on; as, he recommended resting the mind and exercising the body.
  2. To make acceptable; to attract favor to.
  3. To commit; to give in charge; to commend.

Recommend Quotations

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.
Zig Ziglar

Morality which depends upon the helplessness of a man or woman has not much to recommend it. Morality is rooted in the purity of our hearts.
Mahatma Gandhi

I recommend that the Statue of Liberty be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the west coast.
Viktor E. Frankl

I recommend doing some sort of acting class, something that can eventually get you in front of an agent or a manager, and practice is very important.
Bridgit Mendler

Songwriting is actually a really great outlet. I kind of recommend it. You get to sum up whatever is going on in your life in a song, then perform it really passionately.
Bridgit Mendler
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Recommend Translations

recommend in Afrikaans is aanbeveel
recommend in Danish is anbefale
recommend in Dutch is aanbevelen, aanprijzen, recommanderen
recommend in Finnish is suositella
recommend in French is recommandons, recommandez, conseillons
recommend in Italian is raccomandare
recommend in Portuguese is recomende
recommend in Spanish is recomendar, ensalzar, encarecer
recommend in Swedish is tillstyrka, rekommendera

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