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Definition of Reclusive


  1. Affording retirement from society.

Reclusive Quotations

I'm far from being reclusive. I have 30- or 40-year friendships that I prefer to meeting new people. I go to an occasional party, but just because I don't go to a lot of events, and I'm not out in public all the time doesn't mean I'm anti-social or a recluse.
Kirk Kerkorian

I had some money, I made the best paintings ever. I was completely reclusive, worked a lot, took a lot of drugs. I was awful to people.
Jean-Michel Basquiat

I am a very reclusive, private person.
Camille Paglia

I am not reclusive. I just have a private life.

Happy and alone, you say? Reclusive and merry? How oxymoronic! Pas possible! Alas, the concept is lost on so many.
Caroline Knapp
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Reclusive Translations

reclusive in German is allein
reclusive in Italian is unico
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