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Definition of Receipt


  1. The act of receiving; reception.
  2. Reception, as an act of hospitality.
  3. Capability of receiving; capacity.
  4. Place of receiving.
  5. Hence, a recess; a retired place.
  6. A formulary according to the directions of which things are to be taken or combined; a recipe; as, a receipt for making sponge cake.
  7. A writing acknowledging the taking or receiving of goods delivered; an acknowledgment of money paid.
  8. That which is received; that which comes in, in distinction from what is expended, paid out, sent away, and the like; -- usually in the plural; as, the receipts amounted to a thousand dollars.
  9. To give a receipt for; as, to receipt goods delivered by a sheriff.
  10. To put a receipt on, as by writing or stamping; as, to receipt a bill.
  11. To give a receipt, as for money paid.

Receipt Translations

receipt in Danish is kvittering
receipt in Dutch is voor voldaan tekenen, kwiteren
receipt in German is quittieren, Quittung, empfangen, Empfang
receipt in Italian is entrata, quietanza, quietanzare
receipt in Norwegian is kvittering
receipt in Portuguese is recibo
receipt in Swedish is kvitto, kvittera, mottagande