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Definition of Razor


  1. A keen-edged knife of peculiar shape, used in shaving the hair from the face or the head.
  2. A tusk of a wild boar.

Razor Quotations

You cannot have one bathroom. And it don't matter how much you love your wife and everything, 'cause you wind up with no room at all. You just get a little corner, and you've got a toothbrush and your paste and a shaving brush and a razor.
Michael Caine

You can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug, especially when its waving a razor sharp hunting knife in your eye.
Hunter S. Thompson

I am living on the razor's edge between success and failure, adulation and humiliation - between justifying my existence and revealing my unworthiness to be alive.
Scott Stossel

Corporations today, by their razor sharp focus on the 'bottom line' and quarterly earnings, have lost their ability to innovate.
John Maeda

I'm not a theoretician about playwriting, but I have a strong sense that plays have to be pitched - the scene, the line, the word - at the exact point where the audience has just the right amount of information. It's like Occam's razor.
Tom Stoppard
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Razor Translations

razor in Dutch is scheermes
razor in French is rasoir, lame
razor in German is Rasierapparat, Rasiermesser
razor in Hungarian is borotva
razor in Norwegian is barberkniv
razor in Spanish is navaja de afeitar, cuchilla de afeitar
razor in Swedish is rakkniv
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