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Definition of Rationalism


  1. The doctrine or system of those who deduce their religious opinions from reason or the understanding, as distinct from, or opposed to, revelation.
  2. The system that makes rational power the ultimate test of truth; -- opposed to sensualism, or sensationalism, and empiricism.

Rationalism Quotations

To the fantastic mental illness of Rationalism, hard facts are regrettable things, and to talk about them is to create them.
Francis Parker Yockey

Far from being demeaning to human spiritual values, scientific rationalism is the crowning glory of the human spirit.
Richard Dawkins

Rationalism is the enemy of art, though necessary as a basis for architecture.
Arthur Erickson

Liberalism is Rationalism in politics.
Francis Parker Yockey

Rationalism, which is the feeling that everything is subject to and completely explicable by Reason, consequently rejects everything not visible and calculable.
Francis Parker Yockey
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Rationalism Translations

rationalism in French is rationalisme
rationalism in German is Rationalismus
rationalism in Spanish is racionalismo

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