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Definition of Rather


  1. Prior; earlier; former.
  2. Earlier; sooner; before.
  3. More readily or willingly; preferably.
  4. On the other hand; to the contrary of what was said or suggested; instead.
  5. Of two alternatives conceived of, this by preference to, or as more likely than, the other; somewhat.
  6. More properly; more correctly speaking.
  7. In some degree; somewhat; as, the day is rather warm; the house is rather damp.
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Rather Translations

rather in Afrikaans is tog, nogal, taamlik
rather in Danish is nok
rather in Dutch is een klein beetje, lichtelijk, ietwat
rather in Finnish is han, kylliksi
rather in French is certes, assez
rather in Italian is preferire, veramente, abbastanza, anzi
rather in Latin is pocius potius, quin, potius, potius, magis
rather in Portuguese is bastante
rather in Spanish is propiamente, mas bien, proximamente, poquito
rather in Swedish is ganska, snarare, hellre