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Definition of Rain


  1. Reign.
  2. Water falling in drops from the clouds; the descent of water from the clouds in drops.
  3. To fall in drops from the clouds, as water; -- used mostly with it for a nominative; as, it rains.
  4. To fall or drop like water from the clouds; as, tears rained from their eyes.
  5. To pour or shower down from above, like rain from the clouds.
  6. To bestow in a profuse or abundant manner; as, to rain favors upon a person.
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Rain Translations

rain in Danish is regn, regne
rain in Dutch is regenen
rain in Finnish is sade, sataa
rain in French is pleuvoir, pleuvois, pluviale, pleuvez, vaser
rain in German is regnen, Regen
rain in Italian is pioggia, agitarsi, piovere
rain in Latin is pluvia
rain in Norwegian is regn
rain in Portuguese is chover, chuva
rain in Spanish is lluvia, llover
rain in Swedish is regn, regna