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Definition of Radiate


  1. To emit rays; to be radiant; to shine.
  2. To proceed in direct lines from a point or surface; to issue in rays, as light or heat.
  3. To emit or send out in direct lines from a point or points; as, to radiate heat.
  4. To enlighten; to illuminate; to shed light or brightness on; to irradiate.
  5. Having rays or parts diverging from a center; radiated; as, a radiate crystal.
  6. Having in a capitulum large ray florets which are unlike the disk florets, as in the aster, daisy, etc.
  7. Belonging to the Radiata.
  8. One of the Radiata.

Radiate Translations

radiate in Dutch is uitstralen, stralen
radiate in French is rayonner
radiate in German is strahlen, strahlen, ausstrahlen
radiate in Italian is irradiare
radiate in Spanish is radiar