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Definition of Rabbi


  1. Master; lord; teacher; -- a Jewish title of respect or honor for a teacher or doctor of the law.

Rabbi Quotations

Calling a taxi in Texas is like calling a rabbi in Iraq.
Fran Lebowitz

Perhaps we would do well to listen to the likes of Rabbi Harold Kushner, who contends that God is not really as powerful as we have claimed.
Tony Campolo

In my neighborhood, everyone had an opinion on the local cantor. You didn't go to a synagogue to listen to the rabbi's sermon. You went to listen to the cantor. It was like a concert.
Alan Dershowitz

I refuse to stand up in front of a rabbi and my friends and the woman I love - who I will tell you I can love with all my heart - and promise she will be the only one I will ever have until the day I die. That's a lie.
Gene Simmons

An aged rabbi, crazed with liberalism, once said to me, We Jews are just ordinary human beings. Only a bit more so!
Lionel Blue
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Rabbi Translations

rabbi in Afrikaans is rabbi
rabbi in Dutch is rabbijn, rabbi
rabbi in French is rabbi, rabbin
rabbi in German is Rabbiner
rabbi in Hungarian is rabbi

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