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Definition of Quiz


  1. A riddle or obscure question; an enigma; a ridiculous hoax.
  2. One who quizzes others; as, he is a great quiz.
  3. An odd or absurd fellow.
  4. An exercise, or a course of exercises, conducted as a coaching or as an examination.
  5. To puzzle; to banter; to chaff or mock with pretended seriousness of discourse; to make sport of, as by obscure questions.
  6. To peer at; to eye suspiciously or mockingly.
  7. To instruct in or by a quiz. See Quiz, n., 4.
  8. To conduct a quiz. See Quiz, n., 4.

Quiz Quotations

India may be the soul of world cricket, but IPL is its commercial heart. Just as 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' changed the ground rules for quiz shows by injecting a massive dose of money into the equation, IPL has changed the dynamics of the cricket economy.
Vikas Swarup

My idea of relaxation is not lying down by a beach. I have to move around, do stuff. Though I'm a massive quiz show person.
Daniel Radcliffe

Ever since the infamous quiz show scandals of the 1950s, the feds had insisted that TV game shows be honest - or that at least they didn't cheat. So as a 'Dating Game' bachelor, I didn't know what I was going to be asked. The other bachelors and I were required to concoct our answers in real time.
Seth Shostak

Fortunately, human forgetting follows a pattern. We forget exponentially. A graph of our likelihood of getting the correct answer on a quiz sweeps quickly downward over time and then levels off.
Gary Wolf

If we were to do the Second Coming of Christ in color for a full hour, there would be a considerable number of stations which would decline to carry it on the grounds that a Western or a quiz show would be more profitable.
Edward R. Murrow
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Quiz Translations

quiz in German is Quiz
quiz in Spanish is acertijo
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