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Definition of Quietness


  1. The quality or state of being quiet; freedom from noise, agitation, disturbance, or excitement; stillness; tranquillity; calmness.

Quietness Quotations

Oh, how great peace and quietness would he possess who should cut off all vain anxiety and place all his confidence in God.
Thomas a Kempis

The quietness of his tone italicized the malice of his reply.
Truman Capote

When ambitious desires arise in thy heart, recall the days of extremity thou have passed through. Forbearance is the root of all quietness and assurance forever.
Tokugawa Ieyasu

Forbearance is the root of quietness and assurance forever.
Ieyasu Tokugawa

Quietness is the beginning of virtue. To be silent is to be beautiful. Stars do not make a noise.
James Stephens
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Quietness Translations

quietness in Spanish is quietud
quietness in Swedish is stillhet