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Definition of Quartet


  1. Alt. of Quartette

Quartet Quotations

The Third Quartet I made the instruments in pairs - Two different pairs - Violin and viola, and violin and cello. They played very different things from each other all through the whole piece.
Elliott Carter

The Detroit String Quartet played Brahms last night. Brahms lost.
Bennett Cerf

One is that you have to take time, lots of time, to let an idea grow from within. The second is that when you sign on to something, there will be issues of trust, deep trust, the way the members of a string quartet have to trust one another.
Yo-Yo Ma

My grandmother would sing in the choir, while my dad - while he was in college - sang and recorded with a quartet. So yeah, it was definitely my dad's Southern side that impacted on me musically.
Keri Hilson

My first album didn't come out until I was 27, which in pop years is late, you know. But when it came time to arrange it, I became a kid in a toy shop. I had a harp and a saxophone quartet and a symphony orchestra. I went berserk for a time.
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Quartet Translations

quartet in French is quartette, quator
quartet in German is Vierbiteinheit, Quartett
quartet in Spanish is cuarteto
quartet in Swedish is kvartett
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