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Definition of Quality


  1. The condition of being of such and such a sort as distinguished from others; nature or character relatively considered, as of goods; character; sort; rank.
  2. Special or temporary character; profession; occupation; assumed or asserted rank, part, or position.
  3. That which makes, or helps to make, anything such as it is; anything belonging to a subject, or predicable of it; distinguishing property, characteristic, or attribute; peculiar power, capacity, or virtue; distinctive trait; as, the tones of a flute differ from those of a violin in quality; the great quality of a statesman.
  4. An acquired trait; accomplishment; acquisition.
  5. Superior birth or station; high rank; elevated character.
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Quality Translations

quality in Danish is egenskab
quality in Dutch is eigenschap
quality in Finnish is laatu, ominaisuus
quality in Latin is qualitas
quality in Norwegian is kvalitet, egenskap
quality in Portuguese is qualidade
quality in Spanish is calidad
quality in Swedish is egenskap, kvalificera, kvalitet