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Definition of Putt


  1. A stroke made on the putting green to play the ball into a hole.
  2. To make a putt.

Putt Quotations

If you drink don't drive. Don't even putt.
Dean Martin

There is no tragedy in missing a putt, no matter how short. All have erred in this respect.
Walter Hagen

How about a little noise. How do you expect a man to putt?
Babe Ruth

Nobody can make a putt that breaks to the right. It's unnatural. Unless you're left-handed, of course. Standing over a putt that breaks to the right can actually make you dizzy. I've long thought that right-breaking putts are a major contributor to mental and physical ill health.
Dan Jenkins

If I make a bogey or three putt I'm on fire inside. But it's not like you're going to play any better slamming your club or getting angry. So you might as well just keep it in. People say I'm pretty calm, but I do make mistakes and I do get angry, but I try and not show it.
Lydia Ko
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Putt Translations

putt in German is putten
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