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Definition of Psychologist


  1. One who is versed in, devoted to, psychology.

Psychologist Quotations

The psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has shown great courage, in the face of spiteful vested interests, in demonstrating how easy it is for people to concoct memories that are entirely false but which seem, to the victim, every bit as real as true memories.
Richard Dawkins

A certain degree of neurosis is of inestimable value as a drive, especially to a psychologist.
Sigmund Freud

I was a loner as a child and happiest at home, launching toy rockets and aeroplanes. When I started causing trouble in my third year at grammar school, Mum was really surprised. My parents sent me to a child psychologist, who suggested I might have Asperger's syndrome.
Gary Numan

No psychologist should pretend to understand what he does not understand... Only fools and charlatans know everything and understand nothing.
Anton Chekhov

The reason I'm not a neurobiologist but a cognitive psychologist is that I think looking at brain tissue is often the wrong level of analysis. You have to look at a higher level of organization.
Steven Pinker
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Psychologist Translations

psychologist in Afrikaans is sielkundige
psychologist in Dutch is psycholoog, zielkundige
psychologist in French is psychologue
psychologist in German is Psychologe
psychologist in Italian is psicologo
psychologist in Swedish is psykolog
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