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Definition of Psychologist


  1. One who is versed in, devoted to, psychology.

Psychologist Quotations

No psychologist should pretend to understand what he does not understand... Only fools and charlatans know everything and understand nothing.
Anton Chekhov

A poet must be a psychologist, but a secret one: he should know and feel the roots of phenomena but present only the phenomena themselves in full bloom or as they fade away.
Ivan Turgenev

The reason I'm not a neurobiologist but a cognitive psychologist is that I think looking at brain tissue is often the wrong level of analysis. You have to look at a higher level of organization.
Steven Pinker

The most influential thinker, in my life, has been the psychologist Richard Nisbett. He basically gave me my view of the world.
Malcolm Gladwell

The way that people feel changes everything. Feelings are forces. They cause us to time travel. And to leave ourselves, to leave our bodies. I would be that kind of psychologist who says, 'You're absolutely right - there are monsters under the bed.'
Helen Oyeyemi
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Psychologist Translations

psychologist in Afrikaans is sielkundige
psychologist in Dutch is psycholoog, zielkundige
psychologist in French is psychologue
psychologist in German is Psychologe
psychologist in Italian is psicologo
psychologist in Swedish is psykolog
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