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Definition of Proverb


  1. An old and common saying; a phrase which is often repeated; especially, a sentence which briefly and forcibly expresses some practical truth, or the result of experience and observation; a maxim; a saw; an adage.
  2. A striking or paradoxical assertion; an obscure saying; an enigma; a parable.
  3. A familiar illustration; a subject of contemptuous reference.
  4. A drama exemplifying a proverb.
  5. To name in, or as, a proverb.
  6. To provide with a proverb.
  7. To write or utter proverbs.
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Proverb Translations

proverb in Danish is ordsprog
proverb in Dutch is spreekwoord
proverb in French is proverbe
proverb in German is Sprichwort
proverb in Italian is proverbio
proverb in Spanish is adagio, proverbio