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Definition of Prototype


  1. An original or model after which anything is copied; the pattern of anything to be engraved, or otherwise copied, cast, or the like; a primary form; exemplar; archetype.

Prototype Quotations

The act of birth is the first experience of anxiety, and thus the source and prototype of the affect of anxiety.
Sigmund Freud

Well, for over a year now at my desk, a prototype program of Luigi and Mario has been running on my monitor. We've been thinking about the game, and it may be something that could work on a completely new game system.
Shigeru Miyamoto

In Henry Adams, I discovered not only the prototype of the modern thinker but also someone who is more interesting: a viper-toothed, puling, supercilious crank, thwarted in ambition, aging gracelessly, mad at the cosmos, and ashamed of his own jejune ideals. He is nevertheless very dear to me.
P. J. O'Rourke

Every building is a prototype. No two are alike.
Helmut Jahn

If you are truly innovating, you don't have a prototype you can refer to.
Jonathan Ive
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Prototype Translations

prototype in Dutch is prototype
prototype in German is Muster, Prototyp
prototype in Latin is exemplar
prototype in Spanish is hacer un prototipo, prototipo
prototype in Swedish is prototyp
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