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Definition of Prosecutor


  1. One who prosecutes or carries on any purpose, plan, or business.
  2. The person who institutes and carries on a criminal suit against another in the name of the government.

Prosecutor Quotations

He convinced me that if we're going to have honest government that you can't leave it up to the crooks and that honest people have to get involved in government. So I did. I got involved as a criminal prosecutor with the U. S. Justice Department.
Bill Scott

I went to law school. And I became a prosecutor. I took on a specialty that very few choose to pursue. I prosecuted child abuse and child homicide cases. Cases that were truly gut-wrenching. But standing up for those kids, being their voice for justice was the honor of a lifetime.
Susana Martinez

If you're a prosecutor, and you believe the defendant is guilty, you only talk about ultimate truth, but not intermediate truth. If you're the defense attorney, you care deeply about intermediate truth, but you tend to neglect ultimate truth.
Alan Dershowitz

I would never know how good I was if I didn't have Bob Arum. Bob Arum is white, Jewish; He was working for prosecutor's office. I'm black, an ex-convict, ex-number runner. Who would be most likely to succeed? It would be Bob 100-1. Yet I beat Bob on everything we ever done, with love.
Don King

As a prosecutor, I've been in prisons. I've had the opportunity to see what they're like in America.
Tom Rooney
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Prosecutor Translations

prosecutor in German is Staatsanwalt
prosecutor in Italian is procuratore di stato
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