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Definition of Properties


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Properties Quotations

We must admit with humility that, while number is purely a product of our minds, space has a reality outside our minds, so that we cannot completely prescribe its properties a priori.
Carl Friedrich Gauss

Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character.
Henry Clay

The elements, if arranged according to their atomic weights, exhibit an apparent periodicity of properties.
Dmitri Mendeleev

Humans have certain properties and characteristics which are intrinsic to them, just as every other organism does. That's human nature.
Noam Chomsky

I have no child to inherit my properties. You, the people, are my only family, and to make you happy is the reason I do politics.
Park Geun-hye
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Properties Translations

properties in French is rubriques
properties in German is Eigentum, Eigentum, Grundbesitze, Eigenschaften
properties in Swedish is egenskaper
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