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Definition of Pronounce


  1. To utter articulately; to speak out or distinctly; to utter, as words or syllables; to speak with the proper sound and accent as, adults rarely learn to pronounce a foreign language correctly.
  2. To utter officially or solemnly; to deliver, as a decree or sentence; as, to pronounce sentence of death.
  3. To speak or utter rhetorically; to deliver; to recite; as, to pronounce an oration.
  4. To declare or affirm; as, he pronounced the book to be a libel; he pronounced the act to be a fraud.
  5. To give a pronunciation; to articulate; as, to pronounce faultlessly.
  6. To make declaration; to utter on opinion; to speak with confidence.
  7. Pronouncement; declaration; pronunciation.
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Pronounce Translations

pronounce in Danish is udtale
pronounce in Dutch is uitspreken
pronounce in Italian is espresso
pronounce in Latin is denuntio
pronounce in Portuguese is pronuncie
pronounce in Spanish is pronunciar
pronounce in Swedish is avkunna, uttala