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Definition of Procure


  1. To bring into possession; to cause to accrue to, or to come into possession of; to acquire or provide for one's self or for another; to gain; to get; to obtain by any means, as by purchase or loan.
  2. To contrive; to bring about; to effect; to cause.
  3. To solicit; to entreat.
  4. To cause to come; to bring; to attract.
  5. To obtain for illicit intercourse or prostitution.
  6. To pimp.
  7. To manage business for another in court.
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Procure Translations

procure in Dutch is uitreiken, verschaffen, verstrekken
procure in French is procurent, procurez, procurons
procure in German is vermitteln, beschaffe
procure in Italian is procurare
procure in Latin is redimo
procure in Portuguese is obtenha
procure in Spanish is procurar
procure in Swedish is anskaffa, utveckla, skaffa, ackvirera