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Definition of Primer


  1. One who, or that which, primes
  2. an instrument or device for priming; esp., a cap, tube, or water containing percussion powder or other compound for igniting a charge of gunpowder.
  3. First; original; primary.
  4. Originally, a small prayer book for church service, containing the little office of the Virgin Mary; also, a work of elementary religious instruction.
  5. A small elementary book for teaching children to read; a reading or spelling book for a beginner.
  6. A kind of type, of which there are two species; one, called long primer, intermediate in size between bourgeois and small pica [see Long primer]; the other, called great primer, larger than pica.

Primer Translations

primer in French is amorce
primer in German is Fibel
primer in Spanish is cebador