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Definition of Pricing


  1. of Price

Pricing Quotations

Employers who violate rules of fairness are punished by reduced productivity, and merchants who follow unfair pricing policies can expect to lose sales.
Daniel Kahneman

If you're not worried that you're pricing it too cheap, you're not pricing it cheap enough.
Roy H. Williams

I'd much rather be worrying about playing that note in tune, and picking out the best way to arrange the song, rather than thinking about pricing for the download. It's not art.
Trent Reznor

Micropayments are great if you use them for a product or service with certain properties. It must be one where you can get away with usage-based pricing, and where there is a strong rationale for making it cheap, yet not free.
Nathan Myhrvold

Pricing is actually a pretty simple and straight forward thing. Customers will not pay literally a penny more than the true value of the product.
Ron Johnson
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Pricing Translations

pricing in German is Preisgestaltung

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