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Definition of Prestigious


  1. Practicing tricks; juggling.

Prestigious Quotations

It's something you dream about as a kid. Like when you play all those NCAA video games as a kid and you create your own player and win the Heisman with a bunch of crazy numbers. It's the biggest, most prestigious award in college football, so it'd definitely be a dream come true.
Johnny Manziel

Many of those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom have come through the wrestling ranks. We need to honor them and win this decision to have wrestling - the world's oldest sport - remain a part of the most prestigious athletic competition in the world, the Olympics.
Dan Gable

Psychoanalysis is a terribly efficient instrument, and because it is more and more a prestigious instrument, we run the risk of using it with a purpose for which it was not made for, and in this way we may degrade it.
Jacques Lacan

Rarely do we stop and consider whether the most prestigious of institutions is always in our best interest.
Malcolm Gladwell

Yeah, the New York Times is very intellectual and very, very prestigious, but it doesn't reach the market that People magazine does.
Edward James Olmos
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Prestigious Translations

prestigious in Dutch is prestigieus
prestigious in German is prestigevoll
prestigious in Hungarian is rangos
prestigious in Portuguese is prestigioso
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