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Definition of Prescription


  1. The act of prescribing, directing, or dictating; direction; precept; also, that which is prescribed.
  2. A direction of a remedy or of remedies for a disease, and the manner of using them; a medical recipe; also, a prescribed remedy.
  3. A prescribing for title; the claim of title to a thing by virtue immemorial use and enjoyment; the right or title acquired by possession had during the time and in the manner fixed by law.
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Prescription Translations

prescription in Afrikaans is resep
prescription in Dutch is recept
prescription in French is ordonnance, prescription, recette
prescription in German is Vorschrift, Verordnung, Rezept
prescription in Hungarian is recept, orvosi recept
prescription in Italian is prescrizione, ricetta
prescription in Norwegian is resept