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Definition of Prescribe


  1. To lay down authoritatively as a guide, direction, or rule of action; to impose as a peremptory order; to dictate; to appoint; to direct.
  2. To direct, as a remedy to be used by a patient; as, the doctor prescribed quinine.
  3. To give directions; to dictate.
  4. To influence by long use
  5. To write or to give medical directions; to indicate remedies; as, to prescribe for a patient in a fever.
  6. To claim by prescription; to claim a title to a thing on the ground of immemorial use and enjoyment, that is, by a custom having the force of law.
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Prescribe Translations

prescribe in German is vorschreiben
prescribe in Italian is decretare
prescribe in Spanish is decretar, prescribir