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Definition of Prelude


  1. An introductory performance, preceding and preparing for the principal matter; a preliminary part, movement, strain, etc.; especially (Mus.), a strain introducing the theme or chief subject; a movement introductory to a fugue, yet independent; -- with recent composers often synonymous with overture.
  2. To play an introduction or prelude; to give a prefatory performance; to serve as prelude.
  3. To introduce with a previous performance; to play or perform a prelude to; as, to prelude a concert with a lively air.
  4. To serve as prelude to; to precede as introductory.

Prelude Quotations

So as a prelude whites must be made to realise that they are only human, not superior. Same with Blacks. They must be made to realise that they are also human, not inferior.
Steven Biko

Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress.
Mahatma Gandhi

Freedom is not won by merely overthrowing a tyrannical ruler or an oppressive regime. That is usually only the prelude to a new tyranny, a new oppression.
Jonathan Sacks

Of all the seasons, winter is the most conducive to the great art of dormancy. This art requires an appreciation of semi-consciousness: the beautiful and necessary prelude to sleep - a special pleasure in itself that is all too often neglected, under-valued or looked down upon.
Michael Leunig

Group conformity scares the pants off me because it's so often a prelude to cruelty towards anyone who doesn't want to - or can't - join the Big Parade.
Bette Midler
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Prelude Translations

prelude in German is Vorspiel
prelude in Latin is prolusio
prelude in Spanish is preludio
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