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Definition of Powder


  1. The fine particles to which any dry substance is reduced by pounding, grinding, or triturating, or into which it falls by decay; dust.
  2. An explosive mixture used in gunnery, blasting, etc.; gunpowder. See Gunpowder.
  3. To reduce to fine particles; to pound, grind, or rub into a powder; to comminute; to pulverize; to triturate.
  4. To sprinkle with powder, or as with powder; to be sprinkle; as, to powder the hair.
  5. To sprinkle with salt; to corn, as meat.
  6. To be reduced to powder; to become like powder; as, some salts powder easily.
  7. To use powder on the hair or skin; as, she paints and powders.
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Powder Translations

powder in Afrikaans is poeier
powder in Dutch is bepoederen, poederen
powder in French is poudre
powder in German is Pulver, Puder, Puder, Pulver
powder in Italian is cipria
powder in Norwegian is pudder, pulver
powder in Spanish is polvos
powder in Swedish is krut, pulver, puder, pudra