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Definition of Postal


  1. Belonging to the post office or mail service; as, postal arrangements; postal authorities.

Postal Quotations

For years, I've had a hankering for the portrait of Benjamin Franklin by Joseph Duplessis. Franklin is credited with so many inventions: the postal system, lightning rods, the constitution. He was a rock star before there was such a thing.
Jon Bon Jovi

More than an actor, I am a performer... I'm a great believer - honestly so, shamelessly so, vulgarly so - that cinema is for entertainment. If you want to send messages, there's the postal service.
Shah Rukh Khan

I had an uncle who was a postal official at the Polish post office in Gdansk. He was one of the defenders of the Polish postal service and, after it capitulated, was shot by the Germans under the provisions of martial law. Suddenly he was no longer a member of the family, and we were no longer allowed to play with his children.
Gunter Grass

The United States Postal Service has a problem. People aren't sending as much mail as they used to. That means less postage revenue and difficulty paying the bills.
Matthew Yglesias

The Postal Service is a vitally important institution for the American people. It must be saved.
Bernie Sanders
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Postal Translations

postal in German is postalisch, postalisch, Post..
postal in Italian is postale
postal in Swedish is post
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