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Definition of Possession


  1. The act or state of possessing, or holding as one's own.
  2. The having, holding, or detention of property in one's power or command; actual seizin or occupancy; ownership, whether rightful or wrongful.
  3. The thing possessed; that which any one occupies, owns, or controls; in the plural, property in the aggregate; wealth; dominion; as, foreign possessions.
  4. The state of being possessed or controlled, as by an evil spirit, or violent passions; madness; frenzy; as, demoniacal possession.
  5. To invest with property.
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Possession Translations

possession in Afrikaans is besit
possession in Danish is ejendom, besiddelse
possession in Dutch is bezitting, eigendom, bezit
possession in French is possession
possession in German is besitz
possession in Italian is possesso
possession in Latin is possessio
possession in Norwegian is eiendom