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Definition of Porter


  1. A man who has charge of a door or gate; a doorkeeper; one who waits at the door to receive messages.
  2. A carrier; one who carries or conveys burdens, luggage, etc.; for hire.
  3. A bar of iron or steel at the end of which a forging is made; esp., a long, large bar, to the end of which a heavy forging is attached, and by means of which the forging is lifted and handled in hammering and heating; -- called also porter bar.
  4. A malt liquor, of a dark color and moderately bitter taste, possessing tonic and intoxicating qualities.

Porter Quotations

My mother says I was two-and-a-half when I started playing. My father was a minister, and when he went to church in the morning, she would put on Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole and Cole Porter records. I'd crawl up on the piano stool, sit on a phone book and play.
Tori Amos

I sympathize with every kitchen porter.
Jamie Bell

I always believed a singer should be able to sing any kind of song. If I wanted to sing a Cole Porter song, I should be able to do that. Or 'Sherry,' I should be able to do that. Or a Dylan song.
Frankie Valli

As far as songwriters, I've always been a fan of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, and George Gershwin; those guys mean a lot to me.
Mel Brooks

I was lucky enough to have the songs in my first show written by George and Ira Gershwin. Then Cole Porter wrote five shows for me.
Ethel Merman
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Porter Translations

porter in Afrikaans is kruier
porter in Danish is drager, portier
porter in French is porteur
porter in Italian is portiere, facchino
porter in Latin is baiulus, ianitor
porter in Portuguese is carregador, porteiro
porter in Spanish is bagajero, mozo, portero
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