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Definition of Poorly


  1. In a poor manner or condition; without plenty, or sufficiency, or suitable provision for comfort; as, to live poorly.
  2. With little or no success; indifferently; with little profit or advantage; as, to do poorly in business.
  3. Meanly; without spirit.
  4. Without skill or merit; as, he performs poorly.
  5. Somewhat ill; indisposed; not in health.

Poorly Quotations

Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I'll show you a poorly uniformed leader.
Robert Baden-Powell

The Internet has made some phenomenal breakthroughs that are still only poorly understood in terms of changing people's ideas of us and them. If mass media, social isolation in the suburbs, alienating workplaces and long car commutes create a bunker mentality, the Internet does the opposite.
Alex Steffen

But in any case, I did poorly on the tests and so, in the first three years of school, I had teachers who thought I was stupid and when people think you're stupid, they have low expectations for you.
Robert Sternberg

The mouth obeys poorly when the heart murmurs.

One things guys have to remember is consistency... You can't make up for three years of eating poorly in just one workout.
Apolo Ohno
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Poorly Translations

poorly in Spanish is pobremente
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