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Definition of Polarized


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Polarized Quotations

We live in a highly polarized society. We need to try to understand each other in respectful ways. To that end, I believe that we should make room for both spiritual atheists and thinking believers.
Alan Lightman

What I would like to be remembered for is that Walter Washington changed the spirit of the people of this city, that he came in as mayor when there was hate and greed and misunderstanding among our people and the races were polarized.
Walter Washington

A concrete agenda and landslide victory might not even guarantee a president his mandate in a capital as polarized as Washington.
Ron Fournier

I don't think good and evil are polarized.
Sam Mendes

We're trying to build a platform utilizing the Internet that allows the good American people to speak out about their frustration about the polarized country that we live in politically.
Hamilton Jordan
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Polarized Translations

polarized in German is polarisiert

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