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Definition of Poetics


  1. The principles and rules of the art of poetry.

Poetics Quotations

When you are editing, the final master is Aristotle and his poetics. You might have a terrific episode, but if people are falling out because there are just too many elements in it, you have to begin to get rid of things.
Ken Burns

O friend unseen, unborn, unknown, Student of our sweet English tongue, I never indulge in poetics - Unless I am down with rheumatics.
Quintus Ennius

Aristotle wrote the 'Poetics' 2,400 years ago. It's really an instruction manual for aspiring filmmakers. It's as valid today as it was then.
Nicholas Jarecki

Mostly the thought and the verse come inseparably. In my poem Poetics, it's as close as I come to telling how I do it.
Howard Nemerov

Surrealism is not a poetry but a poetics, and even more, and more decisively, a world vision.
Octavio Paz
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