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Definition of Pluck


  1. To pull; to draw.
  2. Especially, to pull with sudden force or effort, or to pull off or out from something, with a twitch; to twitch; also, to gather, to pick; as, to pluck feathers from a fowl; to pluck hair or wool from a skin; to pluck grapes.
  3. To strip of, or as of, feathers; as, to pluck a fowl.
  4. To reject at an examination for degrees.
  5. To make a motion of pulling or twitching; -- usually with at; as, to pluck at one's gown.
  6. The act of plucking; a pull; a twitch.
  7. The heart, liver, and lights of an animal.
  8. Spirit; courage; indomitable resolution; fortitude.
  9. The act of plucking, or the state of being plucked, at college. See Pluck, v. t., 4.
  10. The lyrie.
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Pluck Translations

pluck in Danish is plukke
pluck in Dutch is plukken, afrukken, afbreken
pluck in French is cueillir, ramasser
pluck in Portuguese is arranque
pluck in Swedish is mod, kugga, plocka