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Definition of Platform


  1. A plat; a plan; a sketch; a model; a pattern. Used also figuratively.
  2. A place laid out after a model.
  3. Any flat or horizontal surface; especially, one that is raised above some particular level, as a framework of timber or boards horizontally joined so as to form a roof, or a raised floor, or portion of a floor; a landing; a dais; a stage, for speakers, performers, or workmen; a standing place.
  4. A declaration of the principles upon which a person, a sect, or a party proposes to stand; a declared policy or system; as, the Saybrook platform; a political platform.
  5. A light deck, usually placed in a section of the hold or over the floor of the magazine. See Orlop.
  6. To place on a platform.
  7. To form a plan of; to model; to lay out.
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Platform Translations

platform in Afrikaans is perron, leiding
platform in Danish is perron, kaj
platform in Dutch is tribune, leiding, podium
platform in Finnish is ulkoportaat, laituri
platform in French is tenue, estrade, quai
platform in German is Bahnsteig {m}, Bahnsteig, Podium
platform in Italian is banchina della stazione
platform in Latin is pulpitum
platform in Norwegian is perrong, kai
platform in Portuguese is plataforma